Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton is a watercolour artist who was born in Briston, North Norfolk.
He now exhibits regularly throughout East Anglia and has a permanent exhibition of his original watercolours, signed prints and greetings cards at Picturecraft Gallery, Holt and at his Broadmead Studio, Sheringham.
“The sun rises out of the sea on one side of Cromer and sets on the other. Light is born, breeds, lives and dies majestically there. They speak of Norfolk light as a particular quality of light; in fact, if you study it closely, you will see that it is a unique phenomenon that is especially ours to be found nowhere else. I believe it only happens here because the land remembers that it was once the sea itself. It is transient. It will change in a moment. As a watercolourist I am constantly chasing it, trying to catch the moment, to grasp it long enough to fix it onto paper.
Watercolour, anyway, is virtually liquid light, the perfect medium for our Norfolk skies and landscapes. I have the sense of handling something ethereal, insubstantial, a mere rumour in the air.”

Martin Sexton
Broadmead Studio
7 Beeston Common
NR26 8ES

01263 823226