Village News

Aldborough Maps

26th October 2014

Trying to locate a property in Aldborough or Thurgarton? Got a post code and name, but can’t find it? Try looking in the index below and then using one of the maps to track it down. Location map of residences – Index by postcode Location map of residences – Aldborough Green Location map of residences […]

Erpingham Multi-Use Games Area

28th May 2014

This Summer – have fun and get fit at Erpingham Multi-Use Games Area  Where?? … next to the Village Hall (The Street, NR11 7QD)  When?? … daily, 9am ‘til 8pm (even longer on weekdays: 8am ‘til 9pm)  How?? … drop in, or book if you prefer: check the MUGA webpage or email  Perfect for Tennis (email if you wish to use the net);  also Cricket, Football, Basketball and […]


28th May 2014

There are no roadblocks on the Calthorpe Road! Erpingham gardeners are welcome at Aldborough Garden Club and Aldborough bowls players are welcome at the Erpingham Bowls Club. There’s no longer a WI in Aldborough – but a flourishing branch in Erpingham – why not try it?  This month the Editor has received a request to […]

Alby Church awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund

12th October 2013

Alby Church has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of up to £226,700 which represents 82% of the total project cost to strip and re-lay all roofs, to improve drainage and guttering, and to install heating, toilet and kitchenette. Work is expected to begin in summer 2014. This work will save the building, which […]

Reading Cafe

6th May 2012

We are delighted with the number of villagers who now come into school to hear children read. It’s a super link to have and the children thoroughly enjoy the experience. Thank you. Our latest Reading Cafe at school introduced our parents to Story sacks. These are sacks (very nice ones) which contain a story book […]