Aldborough Twinning Association

24th February 2012

Aldborough Twinning Association is currently suspended. Below is some of the history relating to the formation of the association. We hope there will be a revival of interest in the future. Anyone interested should contact Jane Maguire on 01263 761578 or email The Aldborough Twinning Association was formed over ten years ago to find […]

Aldborough Village History Society

22nd January 2012

The Aldborough Village History Society was formed with the aim of discovering the history of Aldborough, Thurgarton, and the surrounding area, promoting the recording of this history, and publishing the findings. Concentrating initially on life in the 20th century, photographs, personal documents, taped interviews,etc.

Christian Fellowship

24th November 2011

Aldborough and Thurgarton Mother’s Union has changed and we are now meeting together as the “Christian Fellowship”. It is a gathering of all those who are eager to promote Christian Family Life, and to support those who have met with adversity. We have a happy and lively time of prayer and sharing and we usually […]

Road Runners

24th October 2011

Road Runners is Aldborough’s group of motorcycling enthusiasts. We meet at the Black Boys PH on the first Wednesday of every month at around 8 – 8.30pm. We are an informal group with no politics or committees – our common interest is motorcycling. Trips and events are organised, often with the aim of raising money […]

The Scarrowbeck Benefice Choir

1st January 2014

Can you sing? Would you like to sing? The Scarrowbeck Benefice Choir would love to hear from you. This choir sings at Group Services around the benefice on the first Sunday of the month at 10am. We have one rehearsal a month on the Thursday evening before the service at Paigles, The Street, Erpingham. We would welcome all […]