Aldborough Twinning Association

Aldborough Twinning Association is currently suspended.

Below is some of the history relating to the formation of the association. We hope there will be a revival of interest in the future. Anyone interested should contact Jane Maguire on 01263 761578 or email

The Aldborough Twinning Association was formed over ten years ago to find and then foster educational and cultural links with a village in France. Below is a picture of Billy Hammond, then chairman of Aldborough Parish Council and Alain Hemery, Major of Villiers, signing the official Twinning Oath on 22nd October 1995.

The village of Villiers St. Denis is a similar size to Aldborough and is situated in the Marne valley which is part of the champagne region, east of Paris. There are a number of vine growers in the village, most of whom put their grapes into local co-operatives.

Overlooking the vines towards the village of Villiers St. Denis (above) and one of many meals enjoyed between friends over the years (below).